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Yoga for Balancing Female Energy


 BLUE EAGLE YOGA presents:





Yoga for Balancing Female Energy begins working immediately upon practicing! This practice has a deep healing effect upon the female organs, while balancing the female hormones so that they can function properly and optimally. In addition, this ‘program’ stimulates the flushing, toning and balancing of all of the glands (endocrine system) of the body.  The female hormonal system is highly sensitive and significantly affected by emotional states.  A yoga therapy of this kind has the profoundly positive effect of maintaining the delicate balance this system requires to function properly, as it cools the entire nervous system, glands and organs while stimulating and restoring proper hormone balance.  For women of any age this provides a sound basis for rebalancing and maintenance of proper balance while it allows for the adjustments that occur naturally on a month to month basis during the years of the reproductive cycle and throughout the processes of menopause.  Excellent also as a post partum Yoga practice as well!


TUESDAY June 21st and 28th, 7-9 pm@ ARISE YOGA STUDIO


Pre-Registration Required:


  HARDCOPY MANUAL & E-BOOK, with Notes for Teachers & Therapists)



46 years as a practitioner of RAJA Yoga and Meditation

20 years experience in teaching Yoga and practitioner of Yoga Therapy


BLUEEAGLEYOGA.COM;email: BLUEEAGLEYOGA@SHAW. CA or phone: 250-549-0807 to pre-register

A New Path…


It is with very mixed emotions that I write this post.  The owner of Arise Yoga contacted me this week to inform me that as of May 31, 2016, regular weekly yoga classes at Arise Yoga will cease.


It was not an easy decision for him to make, he is as passionate about yoga and well-being as all of the instructors (past and present) at Arise Yoga.  The reality is that operating a yoga studio is both extremely rewarding and unbelievably challenging.  We love sharing the joys and benefits of yoga with each and every member of our yoga community, however, the business side of things needs to be taken into consideration as well.


The Arise Wellness group has been expanding due to increase in demand for services such as chiropractic and massage.  To accommodate this, two new practitioner rooms were constructed at the back of the Arise Studio in February.  The hope was that appointments would work symbiotically with yoga classes, but the reality proves to be a little more challenging.  This is the foundation for the decision by the studio owner to cease offering regular weekly classes at Arise.


There will still be an opportunity for short series and/or workshops to be held in the studio space and I hope that you will continue to check our website and follow us on Facebook to stay current with our offerings.  These will operate outside of the Arise Yoga pass realm and more like existing workshops where participants will register directly with the person or group offering the event.  We invite you to continue joining us for our current schedule of classes during the month of May to make full use of your class pass before the 31st, or to stop by for a drop-in class.  All classes will be posted on our website: www.ariseyogavernon.ca


It has been a privilege and a joy to have stepped into the role of Studio Director for the past year.  What an outstanding group of yoga teachers and health practitioners!  The teamwork and support has been an amazing experience.


I wish you all the best on your continued path of health and well-being.



Jennifer Greenwood

Studio Director, Arise Yoga



Beat Back Pain-May 31, 2016

core back Join Sue Cairns to learn techniques to assist you with alleviating back pain and awakening your core to support your body.  Due to the great interest in this event, Sue has added a second session at Arise Yoga on Tuesday, May 31st 7-9 pm.

Return to the fundamentals of the way the body works when it works right.  Pull yourself out of pain, improve posture, and enhance athletic performance!

Register at Arise Yoga or Arise Chiropractic at the Alpine Center on Kal Lake Road, or contact Sue directly by email at:  1yogasooz@gmail.com

There are a limited number of spaces for this workshop so register early!

Freeing the Natural Voice – Level II

Join Voice Coach, Huria Schulte, at ArisePage0001 Yoga May 13-15th for Level II of the Linklater Voice Method.

The Linklater Voice Method, also know as Freeing the Natural Voice, is basedon a series of precisely structured exercises.  It releases step-by-step psychological and physical tensions which inhibit a free voice.  As a result you find your true authentic expression and communicative potential.  This workshop is for drama students, actors, singer, performers, yoga practitioners, teachers, business professionals… or anyone who is simply interested in exploring their voice and communication.

Workshop Level I – Pottery Road April 16-17.  Register by April 13th.  250-308-5207 or huria.schulte@gmail.com

Workshop Level II  – Arise Yoga May 13-15th.  Friday & Saturday 11am-6:30pm, Sunday 9am-5pm.  Register by May 8th.

Huria will lead you to a deepening and continuation of Level I.  The reprogramming of your habitual thought patterns, the willingness of allowing new experiences and the release of physical tensions will set unexpected creative energy free.  You will develop vocal resonance, breath power, range, and further release tension in the jaw, tongue, and throat.  Your articulation will be awakened, leading you to eloquence and to experience language in new ways.

Contact Huria for more info or to register:  250-308-5207 or huria.schulte@gmail.com

Level I:  $300

Level II: $450

Levels I & II together: $575

Meet Michelle – Team Arise Yoga

michelle m (2)We are very pleased to announce that Michelle will be joining the Arise Yoga Team with 2 weekly class offerings beginning, Thursday, March 17th.  Join Michelle for an energetic practice 6-7pm with Dynamic Flow:  a flow based Vinyasa style offering a sequence of movements that flow with the breath in a more vigorous series. The flow involves moving form one shape to the next with minimal rest in between, creating heat within the body. This class is dynamic and challenging; it is best suited for those who have a strong practice and are familiar with Sun Salutations, Asanas, Transitions and Balance postures.  Or release the day at Sleepy Time 7:15-8:30pm:The perfect way to end your day; unwind in long luxurious stretches. Discover the gifts of breath (pranayama) that invite ease of body and mind. This is a gentle practice that will leave you relaxed and ready for a good night sleep.

Welcome to Arise Yoga


Welcome to Arise Yoga

The reasons to welcome yoga into our lives are endless. A regular practice can provide increased energy
and vitality, more flexibility of the body and mind and the chance to shed what no longer serves us,
physically and mentally. Whether we’re compelled to try yoga to heal our bodies or our spirits, yoga can
be one of the richest experiences we ever receive. With yoga, we achieve greater awareness of every
aspect of our lives. We become alive to the messages our bodies are sharing with us which can inspire
us to make more loving choices for ourselves off and on the mat. Instead of living like a victim to the
endless thoughts that besiege our daily lives, we see that we can learn from noticing and understanding
the thought patterns we have that may hold us back. As yoga stretches and lengthens our bodies, it can
expand our perspectives and our capacity for compassion and understanding for self and for others.
Yoga is a gift to us and to everyone in our lives.


The teachers at Arise Yoga are passionate about sharing the many gifts of a regular yoga practice.


 We can’t wait to meet you.